Kickstart your retail career - the game

King of Retail is a store management simulation game, where you as the owner of a new store must make the right decisions to make your store thrive and bring you the big bucks. Can you handle the pressure, or will you fail miserably in a big bankruptcy?

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Are you ready to take on the challenge?

Dive right into your career as owner of the newest store in town. Buy and sell the right articles. Build and design your store space. Manage your staff, and take good care of your customers. Plan the perfect marketing scheme, and become the most popular store. But the devil is in the detail.

Choose the direction of your store

Should it be a Shoe Store for the fashionable type, an Electronics Store for your everyday needs, or a giant Hypermarket that sells a bit of everything? Not everything will work. Trying to sell high-fashion, high-priced items in the poor part of town will not generate endless queues at your register. Will you try to dominate a competitive market, or go in an unexplored direction.

What is the game about?

Order articles

Analyse the market and order the right articles from reputable suppliers.

Design your store

Create a nice atmosphere for your customers. Paint the interior and place your inventory.

Keep your store restocked

Optimise your workflow. Set the right prices for the right market. Restock your store and keep it running smoothly.

Manage your personel

Hire the right staff for the right job. Keep them motivated and develop their skills.

Rise to the top!

Become the king of retail. Expand your store, increase your profit and progress to the very top!

  • Control the article flow

    For an article to be taken home by a customer, a lot of things must be taken care of. First you must select and order the articles. For a delivery to take place, the storage space must be able to receive and handle the delivered articles. The sales area must have the right displays and registers to showcase and sell the articles. Building a good relationship with your suppliers is key to be able to sell their more exclusive items. Oh, and by the way, which article should be the first for your customers to see when they enter your store? The bulk selling jeans, or the hyped silk shirt?

  • Get people inside your store

    Build your reputation among your customers, and make your store the most sought after in town. A good marketing scheme, along with happy customers will work wonders for your income. But don't oversell your idea. If you can't keep what you promise, the customers will leave the store dissatisfied, and nothing ruins a store quicker than unhappy customers.

  • Please the customer

    Create an enjoyable atmosphere for your customers to shop in, and theme your store, so they will know it is YOUR store they have entered. Make sure they receive the help they need, and that the lines for the registers don't grow too long. Manage the in-store marketing, so that both the fashionistas and the discount-hunters knows where to go, and which article to pick.

  • Manage your personnel

    When you have too much on your plate to handle yourself, it might be the time for you to get some staff. Find interesting candidates among the applications. Conduct interviews, get a feel for the person, and decide if they match the role you need taken care of. Negotiate their salary and hire them. Keep them happy, and make sure they are not overworked. A great working climate gives great dedication. But you still need to sort the slackers from the workers. Invest time in the right persons, and train them to become better so when you need a stand-in for yourself, when you move to the next store, you can pick from your own home-grown talents.

  • Optimize the store

    The difference between a good store and a great store lies in the detail. Weed out the poor selling articles, and get more of the good ones. Make sure you don't order unnecessarily many articles, but still enough that you don't run out. Optimize the prizes to increase the income. Find the customer patterns and adjust the opening hours accordingly. Plan an efficient staff schedule, so you don't pay people for doing nothing.

  • Prepare for big events

    Is a VIP coming? Christmas soon? Black Friday? Can you spot the next big trend before anyone else? Adjust your actions according to the events occurring in a dynamic city that changes day by day.

Beta v0.3.0 is out!

10 MAR @ 6:08PM
King of Retail is here with a new content patch v0.3.0!
We've been working hard to bring you this patch which will be the version to be released on Early Access as soon as possible! Here's a list of the most important changes:

- New game mode - Career!
Managers can now begin their career in retail with this new game mode! The career is laid out as various contracts that present different scenarios/challenges in the retail world. Each manager you create now has his/her own resume that will be filled as contracts are accepted and completed giving the player an overview of the progress made.

- Articles rework!
How all articles are presented in the game has been reworked. Instead of articles having variations in the form of different colors, each variant is now its very own article. This saves the player a lot of clicks in menus when playing the game and gives a better overview of all the articles in general. In addition new articles have also been added to game.

- Marketing!
It's now possible to buy and place a new computer for your staff room in the store! Here you can do marketing research slowly increasing the reputation of your store ultimately attracting more and more customers. You can also have your staff do this research while you buzz around doing important manager business!

- Overall updates, balancing and bug fixes!
In general some older systems/mechanics have been updated/optimized to make the game perform better overall and ease development in the future. Some menus has also been given an overhaul and lots of bugs have been squashed!

This version is planned to be released on Early Access very soon so stay tuned for more information!

- The King of Retail team